PIC Technology:
Realize a Spectrum of Difference!

PIC’s hyperspectral image products deliver the “precision” needed for precision agricultural management of high-value vineyard crops.

  • High Resolution
  • Accurate Calibration
  • Crop Canopy Discrimination
  • Informative Image Products
  • Seasonal Analytics

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Precision Imagery Corporation (PIC) is the premier provider of aerial hyperspectral imagery (HSI) for precision agriculture on the U.S. West Coast. We offer unprecedented resolution and consistent accuracy in a suite of imagery products and metrics that enable managers to make more informed decisions to improve yields and bottom-line financial results.

Client Benefits

  • Periodically visualize the overall health of a vineyard “at a glance”.
  • Rapidly identify vegetation stress conditions at a vine-specific or zonal level.
  • Spot specific problem areas without labor-intensive field inspections.
  • Improve targeted management of irrigation and applications.
  • Monitor within- and across-season evolution in canopy growth, vigor and
    yield potential.
  • Corroborate long-term planning decisions with scientific imagery and
    statistical metrics.

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