Precision Imagery Corporation (PIC)

Precision Imagery Corporation (“PIC“) is the premier provider of aerial hyperspectral imagery (HSI) for precision agriculture on the U.S. West Coast. We offer unprecedented resolution and consistent accuracy in a suite of imagery products and metrics that enable managers to make more informed decisions to improve yields and bottom-line financial results.

The founders and principals of PIC have extensive professional experience in remote sensing science, imaging sensor technology and automated image exploitation for a wide range of civilian and defense applications. Aided by collaborations with technical experts in the worldwide agricultural remote sensing community, the PIC team is leveraging its expertise to bring new and unique capabilities to precision agriculture.

Pushbroom Sensor

PIC’s active partnership with its clients in the agriculture industry is unprecedented. Every client has unique requirements and the PIC staff works diligently to understand those and provide detailed information. This information allows clients to make the best decisions which will maximize productions and positively impact product quality and bottom-line financials.

The PIC Spectral Imaging Indices (PIC-SII) captures data on crop uniformity, vigor, and irrigation by utilizing the reflectance of the Visible and Infrared wavelengths light.

As we will fly over your fields and collect the reflected light, the distribution of wavelengths reflected from your fields will be recorded and analyzed to assess the vigor, health and other properties of your crop.