PIC Spectral Imaging Indices (PIC-SII)

PIC Spectral Imaging Indices (PIC-SII) capture actionable information on key physical attributes of crop health by exploiting
high-resolution spectral reflectance at visible and infrared wavelengths of light.

PIC Spectral Imaging Indices (PIC-SII)

Hyperspectral Vigor Index (HVI)

  • Based on analysis of narrow bands in visible red through near-infrared

  • Highly sensitive to canopy chlorophyll content and plant vigor

  • Effectively discriminates healthy from stressed vegetation

  • Discriminates crop canopy from ground cover and other materials

  • Brighter green color indicates higher vigor

Greenness Image (GRN)

Similar to a natural color photograph, but:

  • Suppresses overall brightness variations

  • Enhances true color differences

  • Highlights green vegetation

Hyperspectral Photochemical Index (HPI)

  • Indicates level of leaf photochemical activity based on xanthophyll pigment absorption in the visible green region

  • Positively correlated with photosynthetic light use efficiency (LUE)

  • Inversely related to instantaneous heat stress

  • Brighter green color indicates higher photoactivity conducive to vigorous growth

Zone Vigor Map

  • Provides a “macro-level view” of vigor variations within a vineyard, for use when vine-level detail is not desired

  • Allows rapid visual evaluation of uniformity within varietal blocks

  • Indicates spatial zones where vine growth and vigor are suboptimal

PIC Products Under Development

  • Water content index

  • Red blotch & leafroll disease indicators

  • Thermal imagery