PIC Technology: Realize a Spectrum of Difference!

PIC’s hyperspectral image products deliver the “precision” needed for precision agricultural management of high-value vineyard crops.

  • High Resolution – Our imagery is acquired in 20cm pixels with 360 narrow colors spanning visible to near-infrared, providing significantly more information than coarse NDVI based on a few broad bands.

  • Accurate Calibration – We correct for variable solar, environmental and sensor effects to enable meaningful physical comparisons over the entire growing season.

  • Crop Canopy Discrimination – We focus in on the crop, while suppressing ground cover, soil, and other materials.

  • Informative Image Products – We provide georectified image products that indicate plant-level physical conditions including vigor, chlorophyll content, photosynthetic activity and heat stress.

  • Seasonal Analytics – We produce informative block-based statistics and metrics to accurately monitor temporal changes in vine vigor levels and spatial uniformity within varietal blocks.

Hyperspectral Imaging Technology